Under-bridge access has never been
safer, quicker or easier.

When Overhead
is Underneath

Hydra Platform Animation

Manufactured in America. Built to perform.

American-made steel and aircraft-grade aluminum

Meets all OSHA, ANSII and SIA Standards

In use all over the United States and the world
Safety Boats

Why choose an Anderson Hydra Platform?

Saves time and money. Within 15 minutes of arrival at your jobsite, you can be under the bridge and working. Compare that—in time and money—to traditional scaffolding.

Safer and easier than stationary scaffolding. Our platforms are built from American-made steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. With more than 100 built-in safety features, you’ll feel confident every time you climb aboard.

24/7 technical and customer support. No matter where you are, or what time of day, we’ll answer the phone and walk you through any problem you have. Period.

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HPT 38

38 ft Truck mounted inspection platform

HPT 43

43 ft Truck mounted inspection platform

HPT 66

66 ft Truck mounted inspection platform


We maintain a comprehensive catalog of parts of accessories. What are you looking for?

View our complete line of underbridge inspection equipment, legacy models, and accessories.

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Trailer-Mounted Hydra Platform
Truck-Mounted Hydra Platform

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