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The industry’s choice for under-bridge success!

When something does the job it was designed for and does it well, people take notice. Anderson Hydra Platforms get noticed. It’s all about having the right features, and our platforms do:

  • 15-minute deployment from park to project
  • Patented tower separation system for maximum reach
  • Single-traffic-lane requirement
  • 180 degree platform rotation
  • Dual side deployment
  • Deck-to-platform communications system
  • Hydrostatic, self-propelled drive
  • Stabilized, horizontal crossover platform
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Anderson's family of platforms makes under-bridge access simple, safe, and efficient

Learn more by reading about each of our models below, and download the brochures for all the numbers and measurements.

HPT 38

38 ft Truck mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HP 35

35 ft Trailer mounted inspection platform

HPT 43

43 ft Truck mounted inspection platform

You may not need to add another piece to your permanent fleet. But, that doesn’t mean you may not encounter a need. Renting an Anderson Hydra Platform may solve the problem, and save you time and expense. Whether you own or rent, the benefits are clear. We help you cut scaffolding time from days to hours, and complete complex jobs in days instead of weeks.

In addition, we make your work easier and more efficient. Our dual side deployment gives you work access from either side of the bridge, from either direction. The Anderson self-drive system allows you to change your position as soon as work is complete.

Finally, our patented tower separation system gives you adequate reach over sidewalks, rails or bracing for most applications.

Simply put, an Anderson Hydra Platform is the perfect solution when overhead is underneath.™

Rent an Anderson Hydra Platform for:

  • Maintenance – general, regular or special
  • Inspections – quick or comprehensive
  • Repair work – minor to major
  • Stripping, painting or sandblasting
  • Installation or maintenance of conduit, pipe, cables or more
  • Replacing lighting or bearings
  • Anything you can think of that happens under the surface!



Anderson Trainer
Anderson Operator


You operate it, or we’ll operate it for you.

Even though Anderson Hydra Platforms perform complex functions, they are pretty simple to operate. With a day of training at our facility in York, SC, or at your jobsite if that’s your choice, you can easily learn all you need to know for full operation.

Identifying someone on your team with the time to operate it may be harder than actually operating it. Problem solved! We have trained operators, and can include that in our proposal to you. We handle all of the details:

  • Do you want to operate it, or contract us?
  • Do you want to pick it up, or have us deliver it?
  • Do you want it for a year, a month, a week or a few days?
  • Do you need an all-in-one truck, or a trailer mount?

We’ll help you figure out the variables, and get an Anderson Hydra Platform working for you.

Let us know how we can help your next under-bridge inspection project

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